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Infrastructure Facilities in the Bioinformatics Centre :

Hardware Facilities:

IBM Sysytem x3650 High End Server 01
IBM Sysytem x3650 Medium End Server 01
Dell OptiPlex Desktop PCs 10
APC 3KVA online UPS with 1Hr. Backup 02
Colour Printer 01
Xerox copy machine 01
Projector 01
Fax machine 01

Software Facilities

MS Office 2010 10
Quick Heal Admin Console Antiviruse 2012 12
Scientific Software Package (SYBYL-X Base) 01

Internet Facility

In addition to D.G. (P.G) College Kanpur network, Bioinformatics Centre has an independent Broadband internet connection with a maximum speed of 4MBPS. All the computer in the Bioinformatics Centre is connected to this network .Utilizing this speed internet and Digital Display are conducted.