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Welcome to BIF Centre, Deptt.Of Zoology, Dayanand Girls Post Graduate College, Kanpur

The Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF) Centre at, D.G.P.G. College Kanpur was established on 22 March 2011. This Centre had been developed under the programme BTIS net by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India for the promotion of Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics (BTBI). Since its birth, the centre is actively engaged in teaching and research in the different fields of Bioinformatics. The Centre organizes many workshops and training programs for popularization of Bioinformatics in this region. The main thrust area of the centre is computer aided drug designing and disease protein analysis. Teachers and researchers from various departments of colleges carry out intensive research in the field of drug designing with the help of Bioinformatics tools.